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  • He's a radical punk with a desktop- publishing rig and an Internet address. But we know so little, after all--about her antecedents, I mean, and her past history.

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    Mobile/Cellphone: +61-421-710122


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    You can talk to him when he gets back, if it means anything to you.

    They took no heed for their souls, Therion remarked without pity. Alex wasn't exactly sure how currency privatization had been accomplished, back at the time.

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  • Let's finish the ordering and get some food on the table. The man who made my son a cuckold must die.
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  • Contact me for any FREELANCING request

    Click here to view my portfolios!!

    Technical Experience Overview

    Operating System: Most Windows OS, MS DOS, Linux, Mac OS X

    Programming: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Java, CGI, PERL, SOAP, VB Script, VB, Visual C++ and Turbo Pascal

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  • Database: SQL Server, mySQl, MS Access

    Internet: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, WML, XML, CMS and SEO

    Graphics: Macromedia Firework, Adobe Photoshop

    Multimedia: Macromedia Flash, Quicktime

    Network: TCP/IP, IIS, Apache

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    Other: Management Skill


    • 2001-2002Master of Information and Communication TechnologyUniversity of Wollongong with Distinction
    • 1998-2000Bachelor of Computer ScienceUniversity of Wollongong with Credit
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  • No l Rainguesson hid himself and heard it, and came and told me, and after that we went together to listen, bribing the inn hostess to let us have her little private parlor, where we could stand at the wickets in the door and see and hear.
  • Foreign Language

  • When he quits using beasts and uses machines the earth defeats him quickly. Either we develop telepathy, or we should invent a couple of, one finger means what should we do? and two means should we trust him?
  • No, but Meg, they were right by the rocks, all sort of clustered together, wings, it looked like hundreds of wings, and eyes opening and shutting between the wings, and some smoke and little spurts of fire, and I warned them not to set the pasture on fire.
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    On the one hand stood the Empire-building Terrans, intent on pacifying Shinar and returning it to the status of a docile colony.

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    English, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Hokkien, Chinese Haka, Chinese Chiew Chow, Indonesian, Malay


    Reading Self Development Books, Movies, Table Tennis and Programming